Range hoods

For the galley and pantries we deliver the high quality range hoods from Airo design. These range hoods can be supllied in all possible types and versions; for ceiling, wall, build-in etc. The range hoods can also be custom made to your specific demands.

Our range hoods with recirculation work with an active filter. This filter removes 100% of the smell and bacteries. Recirculation makes an outlet pipe is not needed, which is a big advantage on yachts. No cooking smell whatsoever is left behind with this technology. This system has been used for years in the hotel and catering business.
In the high-voltage field of the filter an oxidation process and reaction takes shape with which all pesky odors and contaminants are destroyed. Connections which were not yet oxidized are collected in the carbon filter where they are as yet oxidized so the air is completely clean returned into the galley.
With the use of recirculation there is no loss of energy; no loss of the heated or the cooled air.