With the range of portholes from the light series to the giga series we have a porthole for every requested dimensions. Because the collars of our portholes are welded into the hull of the yacht and the porthole itself is bolted in a later stage to this collar there is no risk of damaging the portholes during hot works. Also replacement is easy without the need for welding.


The base and the shutter are both made of stainless steel 316 L which are polished and are connected to each other using adjustable welded hinges. Suitable for resisting considerable working pressure values and prescribed by Class societies.


For the giga series we developed an active system which fills the air gap between the multi layer glass with inert gas to make sure the portholes don’t become misty with the changing temperatures.


Available options are alarm switch, fly screen or optic alarms for the storm shutters. Every series of portholes have the approval required relevant society for the type of vessel it will be used .