Fire doors


The AdTIM fire doors are designed and produced even for the most demanding applications. During the decades we have delivered our products to luxury cruise liners, power plants, hospitals, hotels and shopping malls all around the world. The production of our fire doors started in the 1960’s. All our operations are based on long-term product development, technological know-how and ability to listen to our customers.

The wide range of fire doors consist of amongst others A0, A15 and A60 doors, B15 doors and C classed doors. The doors can be single panel hinged, double pane hinged or sliding doors with different possible sills and frames. With this there is always a door for your requirement.

The doors have valid certificates of the classification societies and national authorities. The company has the quality system certified by MED-D-1248. The customer-orientated sales department, skilled design department and fine-tuned production ensure that the deliveries are "The Way You Want".