Glass sliding doors


The glass sliding doors can be supplied as weathertight or watertight. Made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel according to the measurements and specifications requested by the customer and the required Class Authorities standards.
The doors can be flat or curved, featuring 1 to 6 sliding panels, with variable glass thickness ranging from 6 mm to 20 mm, both stratified and with armored plates.
It is also possible to design the doors “all glass” where the metal is completely hidden from external view, with visible or hidden panel sliders and in painted version.

Various kind of solutions arefered to satisfy the technical, functional and aesthetics request of the customer. Special attention to details and finish is given during design and building. The opening system can be either manual or automatic, with various automated and control solutions.
When fitted on low or particularly exposed decks, structural watertight doors are supplied with an pneumatic sealing and strom shutters when needed. The sliding doors can be certified by all leading Class Authorities (as Lloyd’s, ABS, Rina, DNV and MCA).