Our leather is an extraordinary gift to the senses. It will amaze even the most sophisticated eye. It has an allure that goes beyond the expected, it inspires fantasy. Its thrill and excitement go beyond simple quality.

Wherever it is used - from a simple sofa or a villa, yacht or private jet - AdTIM offers the distinction of truly unique quality leather. We deliver leather for upholstery or even as the ideal choice for floors, wall treatments and stairs. 100% pure leather "tiles" that are perfect for giving any room that special elegant touch. Leather for walls, ceiling and floors can be delivered IMO653 and IMO652 approved.

All of the products in the AdTIM leather collection have been crafted with extraordinary ability from the very finest raw materials in a wide range of exceptional colors and hues. They are truly unique and inimitable. Thanks to continuous experimentation and, above all, to the great passion and intimate knowledge of the secrets of perfect leather processing techniques, AdTIM has al ready delivered leathers to many interior designers and upholsery companies working on highly prestigious projects.